Meet Our Fleet

Charter Breeze boasts one of the largest and most complete fleets of any Los Angeles charter bus service. Our vehicle lineup includes deluxe full-size coaches, mini coaches and mini buses, and executive vans for smaller groups. All-inclusive pricing covers your driver and unlimited use of your chosen vehicle(s).

To better protect your safety, we maintain all our vehicles at a state-of-the-art facility near Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). Expert technicians service each vehicle at least once every 30 days. All Charter Breeze vehicles are fully disinfected and sterilized before each use.

Find the perfect Los Angeles charter bus

Charter Breeze provides every client with unlimited access to a luxurious, meticulously maintained vehicle. Popular options include:

Cruise through the city in utmost style aboard a mini bus that provides an eco-friendly alternative. Effortlessly navigate through the streets and zip around with unparalleled ease!

Book our eco-friendly electric van for sustainable transportation options. Fits up to 12 passengers and runs on electricity.

Charter Breeze offers deluxe coaches in two sizes. Our standard deluxe coach seats 47-49 passengers, while our full-size deluxe coach offers comfortable seating for 55-57 people.

Both deluxe coach sizes have complete comfort features and amenities including individual reclining seats, an onboard restroom, a luggage compartment, and an on-board multimedia system.

Mini coaches are perfect for groups that want the ultimate in luxury but are not large enough to fill a deluxe coach. Our mini coaches seat up to 32 passengers per vehicle, with individual reclining seats and an on-board multimedia system headlining their many features.

If your visit to Los Angeles requires a smaller charter bus, our mini buses will help you save without sacrificing comfort. These vehicles offer features that compare favorably to our coaches, but at more affordable price points.

Charter Breeze clients can choose compact and economical mini buses with seating for up to 24 or 28 passengers.

For smaller groups, and for groups requiring both mobility and agility, our executive vans make an ideal option. Charter Breeze vans can accommodate up to 12 passengers per vehicle.

Key amenities include comfortable individual seats, precision climate controls, and an on-board AC/PA system for group announcements.

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Can I select my own vehicle?

Our customer service experts will recommend vehicle(s) for your group based on factors including the size of your party and the purpose of your booking.

If you have particular preferences, please communicate them to our team early in the booking process. We will do all we can to accommodate your vehicle requests.

What happens if my preferred vehicle is not available?

We make every effort to match each client with the vehicle or vehicles they prefer. However, a particular vehicle may not be available during your trip for reasons beyond our control.

In such an event, Charter Breeze will match your group with the available vehicle that most closely matches your preferred option. If you would like to explore other solutions, we will happily work with you to find an acceptable alternative.

What comfort features and luxuries do your vehicles offer?

All Charter Breeze vehicles are fully climate controlled. Deluxe coaches, mini coaches, and mini buses come with individual reclining seats, on-board multimedia options, and generous legroom. Executive vans feature luxury individual seats.

If you require or prefer particular amenities or vehicle features, please communicate them to our staff when booking and we will provide a vehicle that offers them.

Are your vehicles environmentally friendly?

All Charter Breeze vehicles meet California's elevated emissions standards. We also maintain our vehicles more often than required by state law. As a result, they run more efficiently with less environmental impact.

We are also in the process of electrifying our vehicle fleet and we have multiple electric vehicles available already. If you prefer an electric vehicle, please let us know when you make your booking.

Can I "mix and match" vehicles to meet my group's needs?

Yes, clients can absolutely charter transportation from multiple vehicle classes. If you need any help selecting your vehicle(s), our experienced and courteous staff will happily assist you.