About Charter Breeze

Charter Breeze has been a top provider of Southern California group transportation solutions since 2004.

Charter Breeze is an exclusive provider of affordable and professional Southern California group transportation services. Trusted by Fortune 500 companies, Charter Breeze has been the provider of choice at special events including the Academy Awards and the 2008 U.S. Open golf tournament.

We look forward to welcoming your group on board!

Our professionals excel at handling complex logistics and designing memorable custom group tours.

Informed by extensive firsthand experience, the Charter Breeze team is capable of designing seamless and efficient solutions to even the most difficult logistical challenges. Our expertise has made our company a choice provider of Southern California group transportation services for important events including weddings, airport transfers, and more.
  • Wedding transportation, corporate transportation, group tours, airport transfers, and more
  • Parking shuttle services and logistical support available
  • We serve all major Southern California airports

Charter Breeze — A Leading Los Angeles Charter Transportation Company

Top Reasons to Book With Us

Complete Comfort
All vehicles are equipped with luxury seating, multimedia connectivity, climate controls, and more.
Easy Booking
Book with ease, online or by phone. Plan with confidence thanks to transparent, all-inclusive pricing.
Expert Drivers
All Charter Breeze drivers have 100% clean records and complete an extensive safety training program.
Service Excellence
Our customer service reps go above and beyond to ensure your group enjoys a great experience.
Competitive Pricing
With every quote, we aim to strike the perfect balance between affordability and value.
Committed to Safety
We service our fleet more frequently than required by law. All vehicles are fully disinfected after each use.

Charter Breeze Los Angeles bus charter

Our Vehicles

Charter Breeze — A Leading Los Angeles Charter Transportation Company

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Charter Breeze Los Angeles bus charter

Introducing the Team

Serge Ermakov
President / CEO

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