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Go electric to reduce emissions

Vehicular traffic is a major source of the greenhouse gas emissions driving climate change. They represent a pressing environmental problem, especially in a car-centric city like Los Angeles. 

Electric vehicles offer a greener alternative. Since they run on electricity rather than gasoline, they have a drastically reduced environmental footprint.

At Charter Breeze, we want to do our part to help mitigate transportation-related pollution. To that end, we have recently added electric vehicle charters to our Los Angeles fleet. We plan to electrify more of our fleet in the coming years, especially as the underlying technologies continue to improve.

Benefits of choosing Los Angeles electric vehicle charters

Los Angeles electric vehicle charters offer numerous benefits from both practical and environmental standpoints. Practical advantages include:
  • Reduced maintenance needs due to the efficiency of electric engines
  • Superior performance
  • No need for refueling
The main environmental benefit of electric vehicles is that they produce no exhaust or emissions. This helps reduce smog and ambient air pollution, which has long been a major problem throughout Southern California.

Even though electric vehicles tend to require less maintenance and upkeep, we still service them with the same frequency as the conventional vehicles in our fleet. This includes a multi-point inspection and tune-up at least once every 30 days. 

Our internal standards exceed the minimum limits mandated under California Highway Patrol (CHP) statutes. CHP regulations require charter transportation companies to perform such checks and maintenance at least once every 45 days.

Popular Bus Charter Services

Below are some of our professional Los Angeles bus charter services that we can offer to corporate clients as well as individuals.

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Can I book an electric vehicle for any purpose, or do these vehicles carry any limitations?

Electric vehicles need to be powered up at purpose-built charging stations. Even when fully charged, EVs tend to have lower ranges than combustion vehicles have when their gas tanks are full.

Given these limitations, we generally recommend electric vehicles to clients who plan to limit their travel to the Los Angeles metro area. This eliminates the logistical challenges that accompany the need to travel beyond the vehicle's fully charged range.

What is the range limit of the electric vehicles in your fleet?

Our electric mini buses have a maximum range of approximately 150 miles. The electric vans in our fleet have variable ranges. To learn more, please contact a member of our staff.

Will you automatically match my booking with an electric vehicle, or do I need to specifically request an EV?

If you prefer an electric vehicle, please let us know when you make your booking. We will accommodate your party in an EV if we have an electric vehicle suitable for your situation available during your service period.